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a good ten step slip

there are many ways to describe a girl who just fell on a flight of stairs. a few would laugh at it and blame it on their stupid selves for wearing slippery slippers. some would stay numb for a while, then burst in a wail complaining they broke a nail. most would definitely stay motionless for a long time and later on people will realize she just hit her head on one pointy corner of the step and passed out, with blood oozing out of her head, they rush her to the hospital and then they will discover that she’s also borken a rib or two.

i’m part of the few though. i laughed a while, then i cried too. it damn hurts like hell. i’m so lucky i didn’t break a rib or a nail or even hit my head on one pointy corner of the step and passed out. i’m just so damn lucky that i only got a palm sized dull violet bruise on my right thigh with several lines messily sketched on it, a couple of stray bruises on the other parts of my right thigh, and a cramp on my right hand. i was thankful for the cramp for if i didn’t stick my hand upright on the floor, i wouldn’t have banged my sad excuse for a head on one pointy corner of the step and passed out. i still consider my self lucky.

some wouldn’t surive such a fall. blame it on the stairs, it was steep and it has no banister.
after that, as i was wrapping an ice pack on my swollen thigh, i realized how hard it is for stuntmen to fake a fall on the stairs. i would always badmouth someone i see on TV who got pushed by the villain on the stairs because as i see it, it didn’t seem too severe i thought they were just overacting it with the bloody sprawled-on-the-ground scene. but i was wrong, so wrong. sorry. lesson learned.

mom is preparing a big meal for 8 guests today. but it turns out that only 4 can come. hahahahaa. at least we get to eat their share. they just missed one important part of their starving lives.

i thought cleaning the bathroom would solve my spider problems. but no, just yesterday after our mini bible study, i saw an eight legged freak flaunting it’s skinny glory on my picture! my graduation piture on the wall! what a demise. was that a sign or something? gee, good thing daddy killed it before it jumped to my sister’s grad pic instead.