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checking up on reviews

i’m currently reading user reviews of creative muvo txfm (256 mb) mp3 player. i was thinking of buying it since it’s compact and handy. but mehn, i’m too confused. some reviewers say it easily dysfunctions after 4 months. some also say that it’s better than the ipod in terms of sound quality.

ok, now what? most of its pros goes to its being gym handy since it’s really small and the package includes an armband. on the other hand, most of its cons goes to short term functionality. so generally, it’s not the best for me since i’m not a gym buff and i like my player to work for a long time. but then, i’m keying for the recorder. i want to have a recorder. but not a separate one.

in the end i still think i’m going to buy this. but not anytime soon since i’m still saving for a canon powershot. =)

had the Bible of my dreams at last. it’s actually an old NIV one that we got refurbished so now it looks better. daddy gave it to me and he also included a dedication (after a lot of demands). i’m excited to use it! hihi, and i also provided a notebook for it so that i can jot notes and study the Word. yehey.

i consumed 3 cups of mocha ice cream awhile ago and i feel faaaaaatt right now, even after exercising. bad. but i have a better idea, i once wrote here that i dream of having my own franchise of starbucks in the future but it would cost me a biiiigggg fortune that i could never save even if i started now. maybeeee, i’ll just get myself a franchise of Ice Cream Corner! it should be cheaper! plus their ice cream is great and affordable, not to mention tastes just like (or even better than) consumer favorites nestle and selecta on a cheaaapper price! i just have to look for the perfect location. yehey for a new goal. hehehe

i have a new favorite radio station! 98.7 DZFE. why? because it plays classical music. before it was 101.9 because of the hits, as all radio stations are, but then i don’t like all of the songs so i keep on presetting the tuner. 98.7 is a long time stop i could listen to it for an hour straight and not change the station. yeah, of course you won’t agree. most of you don’t fancy classical music like i do.