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pranks and you – revenge you can do at home

Homewrecker is a very helful show. particularly the ‘pranks and you’ segment. i learned a pretty cool revenge using only an electrical tape. actually, i just did it awhile ago and i’ve had two victims already. my uncle and our MAID. yeah, our maid was my original target because we had a fight awhile ago. by fight i mean i rolled my eyes on her and in return she didn’t serve me juice. haha, smaller than petty.

but now we’re okay. the sink sprinkler prank was great. i thought i could do a more serious one with the eggs. haha. gotta watch more of homewrecker.

by the way, i finished reading Austere Academy, Ersatz Elevator and Vile Village a couple of days ago. just so you know, they’re the 5th, 6th and 7th installment of lemony snicket’s a series of unfortunate events. it’s an awfully amusing series. awful because as the author puts it, nothing good is and will be happening to the Baudelaire orphans and amusing becuase mr. snicket is just one of the greatest writers i’ve ever known.

anyhow, i don’t think i should continue on with this day’s dull tale. i’m in the internet cafe and i barely have money to cover the fare back home.