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piracy is sublime

sometimes i say no to piracy but more often than not i support it. just in music though, not in movies. i just burned my own Amelie soundtrack and it took me 9 hours of internet time to complete it. not to mention, i made a mistake by downloading and compiling the same track twice. but whatever, i’m so glad right now. the music is good! lots of accordion medleys. eheheheheeee…

oh well, again and again… i did the laundry and woot! i had to clean my bedsheet too because i woke up with a line of ants beside me. terrible. my bad, it must’ve been the chocnut crumbs. grrr…

wtocher! michi shared this link to me through y!m: http://red-rahl.livejournal.com/
yeah, a must-see artist indeed. winks.

okaaaay, on to one of my favorite shows: extreme makeover home edition!

good night folks.