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amelie of montamarte

a very nice french art film. audrey tautou (amelie) fits the role just fine… an unpredictable introvert whose revenges are hillariously effective.

i got my Troy vcd back! yehey! gotta watch it again later. i just feel like i’m missing a lot of brad pitt lately. oh well, nothing much happened for this day, except that i was screaming for joy over another million peso winner in game knb?! the category: international wristwatch brands. pretty easy, for me, since almost every line of expensive clothing (like prada, gucci, chanel, ck..) has launched their watches too and you just have to name them. too bad the spectacled microbiologist didn’t win. i like him. and ho! kris aquino makes a good matchmaker, except that she doesn’t consider if the pair looks good together. haha.

weeeeeee, it’s excercise time again!

different time now:

golly, i’m so insufferable. i mispelled brad pitt as bratt pit. i miscalled maristel for macrise when i saw her in the grocery. and i now i’m searching the dictionary for the meaning of insufferable: an intolerable airhead whose life is a big douchebag. and what does douchebag mean anyway? a shitbag i suppose.

draco has always been the big insufferable git [1] to most writers, but i’m not most writers. [1] – is so oooovvverlyyy ussseeedd. gasgas na kung baga. i hate it.
i may be insufferable but i’m not a git… yet.

i just watched troy. i cried during the part where achilles sprained his ankle and died. i also cried when hector got a heart attack and died as well. his father, priam, got killed by backstabbing. and… patrocolus died of sore throat.