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makati escapade

as planned, we accompanied ate ethel in her insurance comission test. we arrived at 730am, the test started by 930 and ate ethel came out at 1145 with the result =(. so in short, ate theresa and i waited for 4 hours and 15 minutes in front of the mirrored elevator in the 26th floor. good thing we have planned ‘the outrageously diverting time wasters’ which insludes playing jack en poy con sampalan, the thumb game, the first-guy-in-blue-who-steps-out-of-the-elevator-is-your-soulmate sign watching, and of course talking and eavesdropping on other people who’s also waiting.

the test was nearly done when a woman arrived at the floor, complaining and complaining to her mother, that she gave the wrong direction to the building blah blah blah… it looks like she took the WRONG test and luckily, funny rather, she passed the WRONG test and got hired at the WRONG job. she accidentally took a job admission test in Coco life when she should be taking the insurance comission test for Grepa life. meehn.

ate ethel went home alone and ate theresa and i went to our ‘business’.

we went to glorietta and window shopped. we have no intention of buying anything since we don’t have the bucks. i fancy ths store – ‘kahon’ because of it’s unique architecture… majorly it’s just the entrance i fancy. it’s slanted. then we ate in kfc.
we crossed to landmark and crossed again to greenbelt. we did nothing much but look around and check the cr’s — the only place we utilized the most because it’s clean and free and modern. then we went back to glorietta to check out ASIMO!

Asimo is a robot made by Honda and the host boastfully says he can do almost anything. i’m impressed, it reacts to sounds, gestures and space… can walk forward or backward, walk up the stairs… blahblah. and he’s six years old. cute, but i wouldn’t rejoice over the idea of ‘world robot domination’.

didn’t i say it would be geeks who will dominate the world one day??? meeehn.

and oh, i saw an american boy wearing spectacles who gave me the impression of ‘Harry Potter’. i wanna see him again urrggghh, only… he’s blue-eyed. just perfect.