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it's a game of give and take and give and take and give and give and give and lose

poker got me hooked. i never knew poker could be so much fun! now i know why gamblers bother to put their whole fortune at stake.
play flash poker here!… you could play it as long as you have enough moolas to bet so i suggest you disconnect your internet while playing. flash can be played offline, anyway.

today is not quite a daaaaaaaayyyyy. i did the laundry as usual, watched game knb?, then eat bulaga, then i exercised, and then i watched daisy siete season 12 – landas (i used to hate the sexbombers before but their show is a pretty good pastime), after that i watched the naruto marathon in studio 23, then i took a bath, then i watched dragon ball z (yeah, my all time favorite action anime!), and then i ate dinner, then i washed the dishes…

later on i will watch bituing walang ningning, followed by sa piling mo with a couple of sneaks from i luv new york, then… oh yeah, no My Girl today… ok so i’ll just watch piolo pascual go bonkers in MMK.

i guess tomorrow will be quite a tomoroooooowwww. we’ll leave early at 6 to accompany ate ethel to the insurance comission test in makati. then, we’ll go to glorietta. wooooot.

have a nice day to me.