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i don't have to be the one the battles always choose

discovered a new site. free RPG, all you need to do it create an account and you can play for free! BattleOn.com
i’m having a great time there!

free game downloads are also available at MiniClip.com. cool site.

i just came back from my interview in uplb with my parents. whew, so tiring… but what’s that compared to the promising future i envision myself in? hehe, the dean asked me pretty much the same stuff as before but i made sure that this time i’ll show him how determined i am. i’m desperate for the course. but hell, i was stuttering when he asked me to answer a certain question in english. nosebleeeeed. and you know what, i was half nervous with writing the essay because he seems to expect me to be good in writing because i chose journalism in the other campus. what more is that i got a disappointing 48% with my reading comprehension, and he knows that. e kumusta naman yun? but on the other hand, he said i topped the math and science category among the other interviewees. what a relief…. i’m shocked at myself. that’s so not me, before the upcat results arrived i was expecting a pretty decent score with my english but noooo, the table was turned. and as a result i could only choose courses under engineering, which was so rewarding seeing that that is uplb’s forte. and being its forte, they really get meticuluous with their students, and that’s the tough part.

God bless to meeeee!!!
i’m so full of optimism after the interview we even bought fresh cow milk in the animal husbandry! yeah yeah, how does that link?

please check my new fic – For Always (you hpdm shippers!), you know i’m not good in narratives but your criticisms will help!
check it here!!