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this is a long post.

hello blog. you see, i don’t see the point why i went on blog leave. it’s silly you know, i’ve been keeping another journal, a password protected microsoft word document with a filename: atomic research logs, and i’ve been putting all the crap in my life there, at least for the past 2 months.

nothing extraordinary happened today, i’m just eating my favorite salted greasy peanuts from FCM which costs 10 per 35 grams. i wouldn’t be surprised if my jaw hurts again tomorrow. i’m munching them like hell.

kumusta na nga ba ako?
still the same, i don’t have an official alma matter yet and i’m struggling between being a chemical engineer or a business mgt. major. what the hell am i supposed to take? my golly, i’ve explained this depressing struggle a lot of times already and still no answer.

anyhow, i have a lot of tricks in my sleeve, i just don’t know how to pull them off. this thursday i’ll be going to UPLB for another interview. i’ve written down every possible question the dean will ask and i have made my own research about chemical engineering as well. i just have to impress him… i have a ranking to retain, i’m desperate for school.

hay dyusko.
just so you know, i missed watching My Girl today because i’m typing this ****.

my fallback is still the same though, FEU. si Henry Sy na lang tutularan ko.
oooh, speaking of Henry Sy… ate theresa got a free complimentary cinema ticket from one of my mom’s clients in SM mall of asia. admit two, any sm cinema, any movie, premiere, IMAX! yahoooooo! can’t wait.

love this song: a place in time – amanda abizaid. theme song of the 4400 (scifi series. thurs.7pm rpn prime shift)

‘amelie’ will be showing on aug.7 -730pm-rpn prime shift.

tsk. namememorize ko na ung mga commercial sa tv. grabe, wake up song ko… “good morning, good morning, dahil sa pampers, ang sleep mo ang sleep mo, mahimbing! iwas leaks iwas leaks up to 10 hours! masarap, masarap ang gising! ganadong ganado na matulog, bulaga! flying kiss! yeeeeeyyy!…”


i’ve realized, maybe i like harry potter more than draco malfoy. and i think i have to get over my obsession with ryan philippe and accept that he’s having two kids soon. plus, i have to let go of another ryan too, he’s getting married to judy ann santos. =(

everytime i read my batchmates blogs and seee their updates in multiply, i get jealous. jealous that they’re having a good time in college and i don’t. that i’m stuck with our stinky laundry and empty refrigerator. but then everything has a good side, i’m getting paid for doing the laundry, i’m getting thinner with bellydancing, and (seriously) i’ve been spending a day’s time with God. somehow, even though i don’t learn academically, i learn spiritually and that what i missed most when i was studying.

i read this story in ‘what matters most – francis j. kong’ — a business self-help book.

-back in time (forgot the date) brothers adi and rudolph dassler created the very successful sportsgear we highly patronize today: Adidas. but there came a time when the two fought over something that caused them to go on separate ways. adi was left alone with adidas and his brother decided to venture into a new business. this led rudolph to create an equally competitive brand that aims to overtake his brother’s, and it was called Puma!

-nike, on the other hand, was established in japan by an american track and field coach, bill bowerman. he developed a new set of rubbershoes which were meant for running because he noticed most of his team members get injured a lot with their shoes. phil knight, one of his students highly supported his coach’s idea and even helped him market his propsal. during that time, running shoes were scarcely in demand and it wasn’t until their world tour in japan that they were able to meet a shoe manufacturing company that invested in their creation. thus began the world-famous nike swoosh.

‘what matters most- francis j. kong’ is a good read, mainly because it contains a lot of success stories from businessmen which emerged from rags to riches. other stories include ray kroc’s mc donald’s, quaker’s oats and the cornelius vanderbilt fortune. 😀

sige, goooooooooooooood night.