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who moved my cheese?

it’s a book by.. i forgot. i just read it last night and it was super nice. you’ll learn a lot of things about change. yeah… it says there that you refer to “cheese” as your goal. sometimes when we’ve reached our goals we set out a wall around it and build our own comfort zones. just like having a new job. you love your job and you’re doing well but your manager decided to put you in a different department, something you know is less demanding than your previous work. you get insulted. you know to yourself that you have more to show and it’s not in that field. however, you do not realize that your manager just ‘ moved your cheese’, he knows you’ll do good in both fields so why bother seeing you doing the same job. he’s just opening another door for you.

but then, we’ll never know who really ‘moves our cheese’ it could be our parents, our friends, our seniors, even our enemies but ultimately it’s still God.

he loves moving our cheese and watching us sniff and scurry throughout the labyrinth of life to find it. 😀

yeah , i got a pretty good hang from that book. it made me think a lot. initialy i’ve set my ‘cheese’ in the college of business. but right now i don’t know if it’s still there or if someone moved it to another college. meeeehhnn.