A very personal blog

i sort of hate words that are overly repeated. words that are overused… like bum. unfortunately there isn’t any word good enough to describe me for this summer except for that.
i was bloghopping minutes ago before i decided to blog for awhile things that are not really worth venting.
i found out a pretty good site where i can bloghop. the shsian ako! weblisting… ooh i linked it down there.
i spent a good deal of time reading YOUR blogs. hah! you should be flattered i am one of the few who are able to keep up with your summer chitchats. anyway i am not a faithful reader so don’t expect me to come back to your site whenever you feel no one’s reading your entries.

it’s a good thing i stumbled upon that weblisting though. kept me busy assessing my fellow shsian’s personalities through their blogs. do it to me too, whatever suits you but i already mentioned zillion times before that i’m evil and that i can easily track you down and fire a bullet through your thick skull.

you know the feeling of liking something and leaving it afterwards when you’ve discovered a LOT of people like it too?

that’s why i keep a lot of things just for myself because i’m afraid that if someone else likes it, it’ll spread quick and i won’t be the ‘ultimate fan’ anymore. hah! as if people would actually like my taste?

gotta eat. i’m hungry