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carribean blue

they say the sky high above
is carribean blueeeeeee…

i’m loving enya. i’m actually wondering if it’s a brain booster or something because everytime i listen to it while reading or studying, i think i can just sit there for the whole day and read.

i definitely need that for college. my palm pilot is still broke so right now i’m using my phone as an mp3 player, not bad… but too slow. i love the motorolla mobile earphones it feels like the sound is everywhere when i stuck them in my ears.

i’m still waiting and wishing for a hundred dollars with my joke… let’s wish harder.
i’m in desperate need of money right now. i’m not a shopping freak, i just like having money to pull out of my wallet when i need it.

meeehhn, june 5 is sooo near. i can’t wait any longer, i haven’t conducted a ritual yet to the names of the qualified waitlisters. meeehhhnnn, where arth thou dear college life?