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i haven’t read the book and i haven’t watched the movie. a lot of people are affected by it, i don’t know why. i guess some are just too stupid to fall for a fiction novel. maybe that’s why, the publisher’s layout artist didn’t make that big and bold enough for people to see and understand. i have read the first chapter in the net and i was bored. it was his way of writing that bored me. but nonetheless it has a good plot. by good, i don’t mean good enough to replace the christian doctrine but good enough to test us. yeah, it’s a test can’t you see? and i think God is disappointed in us that something as unreal as a fiction novel can drag our faith down. as a writer, dan brown has the right to play with everything under the sun. he even dug historical remains to provide basis for his ideas. the book may be offensive but to the critics, an offensive book is a controversial book. that’s why it’s a bestseller.

i’m in a very good mood today. i just watched superman in qtv and i was once again brought into krypton fandom. lex luthor is such a handsome name, don’t you think?

how do you put a heart symbol????

heyhey! i’m not drinking nido full-cream anymore! hehe… i promised myself i’ll take care of my bones from now on by taking the right amount of calcium a day. and the only milk clinically proven to be effective in doing so is Anlene. that’s according to the box. the doctor also advised me that i should watch my weight because my knee has gone a deal weaker and if i get heavier my knee could not bear myweight any longer.

that’s great! at least i have a BIG reason not to get fat. and besides, mom says i’m going to have braces soon, which means i would be restricting myself on eating hard to chew foods and foods that stick between your teeth. best example is underboiled beef. why would i eat that anyway?

yeah! gokusen again tomorrow! weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!