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drink moderately

wOOt! i need coffee!!!! it’s been weeks since i last had a decent cup and it’s driving me nuts already. raaawwrrr!

yesterday was fun! i went to jami’s house to swim! yeah, filthy rich! they have their own pool… with jacuzzi! we’re all five… jami, nez, ding, lau and i. ๐Ÿ˜€ the others can’t come, unfortunately… but it’s great nonetheless. thanks for the pizza! and for your mom’s recipe of your crispy chicken flakes! i’ll definitely try that out sometime.. ๐Ÿ˜€

after more than a year of inactivity, i have readied myself to open my antique account in neopets. and look at that! i have two grandmaster titles in the games: destruct-o-match and ice cream factory. can’t be too proud since you know, after all the bucks i’ve earned with playing games i can’t even buy my ‘dying’ pet the large smoothie she wants.

now is the time though, i don’t want my pet to die!!!

wanna go to the mall. i’m sick and tired of hearing all these people talk about (pop!) saving money and all. meeeehn, my parents haven’t given me my ‘sallary’ yet for doing their (our) stinky laundry. my hands smells like surf and my nails continue to rot.

i’m broke. i wanna go to school already, speaking of which…. i don’t have a school yet. sooner or later or maybe by early june i’ll have a school na. it’s either iskolar ng bayan or a poopy tamaraw.

you see, i’m stuck . it must be a great thing to be in UP but if i stay there i’ll be doing everything a nerd does, read a chemistry book like it’s a new york times bestseller, mix chemicals X, Y and Z and then what? build an underground laboratory? i’m not called to do that. worse is, i’m not allowed to shift courses. ๐Ÿ™
but if i go to FEU and be their little baby tamaraw, it might not be the best school i’ll see around but at least i know i love my course. my name spells business and i simply like marketing ideas and earning. i have a lot of things planned ahead and it’s bad enough that i couldn’t get myself up the step-ladder. maybe it’s because of my wierdo leg. mehn. whatever.

ooh, i think i really need to drink coffee now. and it doesn’t get me cranky like others, it’s actually calming me for a while then hyping me all of a sudden. cheers!