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bad news II

aynaku… seriously i’m having a major college dilemma! magju-june na wala parin akong school. ang bobo ko talaga… apparently i didn’t make it to the qualified waitlisters because i was rank 12 and they only got 10 so i still have to wait until june 5 to see if someone backs out on the course. i’m hoping for at least 3 people who wouldn’t register.

chem eng is okay. i’ll do my best to pull something BIG out of my sleeve to survive their taunting curriculum. actually my plan A is to pass the upcat, since i didn’t, we move to plan B which is to get into the waitlist and pass. unfortunately, i didn’t so there has to be a plan C. And that is to wait until june 5. if, still, plan C won’t come true then one thing is for sure… the god of misfortune is my patron.

just wait, malay nyo makaabot ako ng plan Z!
sabi nga si Lord, it’s either yes, no, or WAIT.

anyhow, i have a plan D and that is to study in FEU and become a tamaraw.
ano ba yan, feeling ko sobrang bobo kooooo.