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the bad news

we went to the hospital awhile ago for my follow-up check-up… the doctor checked my knee again meaning she was doing some exercises with it asking me if this kind motion hurts or if this part hurts then at one point my knee painfully clicked and i just screamed… meehhnnn. then it was gone…

she said that my lateral meniscus is permanently damaged. the only thing that can be resolved is the pain that i feel. so my actions are limited now, i can’t run, i can’t play tennis, and i can’t engage myself to extreme sports and activities… e kasi naman parang lahat ng gusto kong gawin di na pwede. ang sakit kaya marinig na di na gagaling tuhod ko! para kong sinabihan na may taning na buhay kooooooo!!!! waaaaaaahhhh 🙁

dibale, matatanggap ko rin yun. tsk.. naiiyak na ko… naman kasi eh… :((((((((

lintik na cheering yan! grrr…