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Two days ago I was rambling about the fact that I MIGHT never see ‘berber’ again. But now, everything has gone back to it’s original shape, with me washing the dishes and doing the laundry and cooking crappy lunch and blending over-ripe fruits and my sister coughing her phlegms out. Yeah, I was over exaggerating, for all you know that’s where I’m good at! Exaggerating little things so they sound interesting enough for you to stick your head reading this cover to cover.

I will be back in the rehab for a follow-up check-up regarding my weirdo leg. Mehn, mom says my face is getting bigger… she thinks I’m getting fatter. I think not! How am I going to get fatter? I do the laundry I wash the dishes I cook food I carry the bed and I don’t eat a lot! How does doing a lot and eating less make you fattttteeeerrrrr????

I have a super practical way to get your desired salon hair-and-make-up look in less than 30 minutes! And it’s free! Because you’ll be doing it yourself! Not just that! It only takes 2 items to reach your preferred standard! Am I going to continue with this? I should be paid for teaching you this ultimate secret that I myself discovered!

I am calling this half-post discussion: Practically Beautiful

Once you try this really cool and simple advice you can now claim the title with me! Bwahahahahahahaaaaa…

We, women, want to make ourselves look beautiful all the time, and most especially during special occasions like weddings, debuts and other formal gatherings where we really have to put on make-up and style our hair. Sadly, we barely have time and money to spare for hair-and-makeup alone. A trip to the salon would cost you at least 500 bucks and you have to take a reservation note before you get attended to. Another way is to just do it yourself with your own set of make-up: blush-on, eye shadow, mascara, eye-liner, foundation, lipstick, concealer and a lot more items present in your make-up kit. Then again, most of us don’t have the artistic talent of applying makeup and balancing the blush level on both cheeks leaving us really frustrated and unfulfilled.
Introducing, it’s not a product, but an idea that will help you do your own make-up professionally in just a short time! It only takes two products that we normally see in our own make-up kits. You can disregard your other items aside from this: foundation and lipstick.