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bye bye berber

Today’s therapy ends my pt crush spotting session. That means two things. First, I will be mostly free every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday… meaning I’ll only take care of little things in the house. 2nd and saddest too… no more crushie to spot. Haha, I guess I don’t really like him like THAT. I mean, I don’t know his name yet! For the last 9 sessions of my therapy I was always looking for chances to hear someone call out his name but nooooo! First I thought it was Darryl, but it turns out that he’s not because Darryl doesn’t wear glasses and is extra skinny while my pt crush wears black-framed glasses and has a lean stature. Then I thought it was Sherwin because every time I hear the desk woman call Sherwin, a nice, deep, manly voice will always answer and that’s exactly how I know my pt crush’s voice. However, a simple voice like that can be totally deceiving. Let’s look at how ‘Sherwin’ looks like. He’s dark and plump set aside his undiscovered assets but all in all a good therapist… I can tell. Haaay, anyway I saw him today with a nametag stuck on a stethoscope (???) he’s carrying and it spells: Berber.



Well, I’m still not sure. Whatever his name is, I have to forget it already. My quest in discovering his name is done and I failed. Why can’t I just ask my therapist about him? I’m sure she won’t mind but whatever… you know how embarrassing that is.

Also, this has been the most boring session I’ve ever had. Before I left the house I even grabbed my earphones so that I can listen to music while I’m being electrocuted but when I arrived there, it seems like I forgot to bring my phone. Galing, earphones check… sound source: absent. Bravo.

All the while of that friggin 20 minutes of staring at some place and smiling at grannies who pass me by, my mind is wandering to different worlds… mehn, I don’t know what to do, I’m bored… I can’t just stare at my nails forever since there isn’t anything good with them (by the way, I bit them short again… kill me now). So I just sat there like a good little girl with my right leg wrapped with a hot pack and my left leg swaying back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth… like a clock pendulum, left to right, left to right…. I’m being hypnotized, left to right, left to right……..Yeah… I’m dreaming… and I can hear him. He’s telling me something REALLY important… I think it was ………….. “excuse me, padaan.”

Joke lang… disregard the last paragraph for half of it is untrue and is made by yours truly and the other half is very true. Oh well, you can always choose which part to believe! heheheheee…