A very personal blog


may 1: EK with friends! one of my happiest days!

may 2: therapy again… nothing much. just the usual, bike, squat, ultrasound and shock routine.

may 6: went to splash mountain again to celebrate dad’s [1] birthday! major spotting with my cousin. had FUN!! my cousin has gone bonkers over this guy we saw in the pool. hah! doesn’t even know how to swim! she says he looks like this mico (???) celebrity [2] .. eh hindi naman eh.

may 7: went to church at 5pm. MISSED pinoy pop superstar grand showdown telecast! grrr…. gerald santos won! wuhooo… i told you it’s a santos.

may 8: daddy’s birthday! actually we had a little fight the night before so i didn’t greet him in the morning. bought cake and ice cream for him for our mini lunch celebration but when i came home, he’s gone! wotcher.

may 9: this is a tuesday, we left for los banos at 6 to attend my college interview. when we arrived… i was scheduled on the afternoon so we waited na lang. by the way, i was interviewed in the CEAT bldg. [3] with my co aspiring chemical engineers. haha, BIG BIG LAUGH. would you believe… i was interviewed for chem. eng. i have no idea what will happen to me. i am still struggling to get a college life. then the dean asked me, “your first choice in diliman was journalism, but here you plan to take chem eng.?” oo nga noh? i was racking my mind for possible answers that will suffice the question but i only came with the lamest ones. so i just told him, i actually fancy math and science [4] aside from [5] writing and i know that uplb will provide me a good foundation as a future engineer. i also mentioned at some point that i’m environment conscious and a charity enthusiast. haha, that’s quite true but i won’t go chasing a candy wrapper even if it accidentally, or otherwise, slipped from my hand.
i guess everything went well, he asked me a couple of times, “handa ka bang maging iskolar ng bayan?” and i see to it that i answer him confidently even in that question alone.

may 10: we found out our maid is stealing money from us so we kicked her out [6]. this means we have to do everything she does… i did the laundry that day, washed the dishes, cooked dinner and washed the dishes again. it was very tiring. my sister and i agreed on distributing the chores among ourselves so in the end i will do the laundry forever… and she does somethings else.

may 11: today! i just came from capitol medical center for my therapy where initially i just planned to stare at someplace when i’m alone with the shocking device but that’s too boring so just bought a book, the inferno – dante, to keep me occupied while i’m waiting. but i just don’t fancy poetry that much so i just used the book as a cover to my rude eavesdropping to what my pt [7] crush is discussing with his co pt’s. haha…

[1] advanced [2] hazell anne mendoza’s love team i guess [3] college of engineering and agro-industrial technology [4] not [5] crappy [6] in a nice way though [7] physical therapist