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the simpler the better

there is one important thing separating a superhero from a hero.

a superhero cannot be with the woman he loves without risking her life. he cannot mingle with the townspeople without hiding his identity. he is present everytime there is trouble but he doesn’t celebrate with them through their victory. a superhero is very limited with his actions. he doesn’t take “saving my countrymen from danger” as his primary mission, instead it’s “preventing marsians from conquering the world”. a superhero exists only when there is a villain.

i don’t really know why i’m writing this. my head has gone bonkers this summer, too many things are crowding in my head. some logical enough to share and some just pathetically silly, i don’t know what interests people…

on with it… i’m just wondering to myself why i don’t have a superhero role model. should i blame my parents for not intorducing Darna to me when i was smart enough to read comic books? then it must be their fault too that i fell to idolizing a japanese poltergeist hunter which sounds rather worse than being a groupie of a superhero who flies in a skimpy red bikini.

anyway, i just want to convince myself that i don’t need superheroes, just as i can live without this certain japanese poltergeist detective.. however you call them.

it sounds funny that most superheroes aquire animal and non-human strength… like spiderman and batman. they made me believe that superhuman strength can be aquired by genetically breeding yourself to an animal or an object that behaves strongly. or if not, you have to be involved in a traggic accident and survive, then you’ll discover something in you has changed. you’re a superhero now, or a supervillain perhaps.

more or less that’s what i see with superheroes…

meanwhile there is a more noble term for those who are not ambitious enough to save the whole world from a comet that is about to hit the planet, they simply roam around doing whatever their jobs may be and when something happens that they think their help is needed, they go to the rescue breaking their daily routine then suffer the consequences later..

haha.. labo.

ehehe… wala lang. superheroes are, in the first place, fictional characters made to impress us while heroes are real. they get the recognition after doing a heroic deed while superheroes get a bunch of thankyou’s with their mere presence even when they haven’t done a single thing yet. don’t you think that’s unfair?

oh well, might as well end this already. =)