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freedom! forever!

i hate system interruptions! i know you hate them too! i’m in the middle of writing a blog post then suddenly this computer shuts down! worse is, i’m downloading a 5 mb file and i’m freakin 89% done. they say the worst is yet to come and indeed… the moment i open the pc the antivirus warns us that there is a sneaky little bug bloating itself with the remaining sanity present in this pc. well, they all suck.

my sister and i watched v for vendetta awhile ago in smf. i can barely remember the last time i watched a highly laudable movie like that. natalie portman was great as usual. hugo weaving’s voice was manly handsome, every word he says is elegantly delivered. if there’s someone i would credit the most among the offscreen staff, it would be the scriptwriter. it was simply great.

after watching terai treated me to starbucks as my grad gift… hehe.
then i went to tokyo tokyo to fulfill my maki cravings. i must say their cali maki looks a bit bigger than before and that’s good.
saw karin and reiko… talked for awhile, majorly about summer job hunting… sana makahanap din kayo. =)

then we went to fcm… had my picture taken for some university requirements. while waiting i played in the arcade. i wish i have those car racing things they have there… =)

oh well. there ends my day… i’m looking forward to college life and it’s thrills.