A very personal blog


during one of our grad practices jami and i (perhaps mika was there too =) ) were intrigued with the materpieces the gradeschool art teacher was posting at the podium stage. everything was nice i was almost shocked on how the gradeschool pupils did it!

eventually we found out they used felt paper as the canvass and oil pastel as the medium. i never thought that was possible until they have tried it.

last night i bought a white felt paper to experiment on that kind of art. i drew a mother carrying her child. it was nice, seriously.. i thought it was hard to do something on felt paper but it’s a lot easier than rendering it on paper.

you should try it, you’ll never be disappointed.

next i drew Jesus with the crown of thorns, i always get emotional when i draw that… and i’ve been drawing it frequently…

gusto ko sana i-scan kaso masiyadong malaki… ^^:;