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note: money spent is money lost

i think i’m done with pampering myself… i’ve roamed the mall a lot of times already and i’m tired. i never went shopping, really. i just want to look around, watch a movie perhaps and of course.. eat.

ate theresa and i went to ust awhile ago to confirm my slot and pay 5 thou since i have to hold my report card until the uplb wait-list results are released. it was very tiring i kept moving floor to floor, up and down, dragging my knees up trying get past the pain my right knee is giving me, meeehn. it was too late when i realised there was an elevator. sometimes i really get stupid but to cover that up i have to admit that the elevator, which was just in front of the commerce bldg. entryway, was somewhat camouflaging with the walls. ~_-;;

then we went home…
a couple of times before, i was trying to argue with my mom that i could manage from home to ust… but after this trip i can no longer say that. more or less it would take me 2 hours of travel to and from the campus. on those trips i slept, and i mean really slept that i could recall myself dreaming while my head is leaning on the bus window with my mouth slightly opened. if ate theresa wasn’t there to wake me up then i would probably be on the outskirts of divisoria looking for the right jeep or if was heading home i would definitely be in front of SM fairview, that’s good, i guess.

if all else fails or if i’ll be caught in the ‘worst scenario’ as my mom put it… i’ll be studying in FEU-fern. i could only appease myself with one thing, it’s near. but anyway, as i was frequently telling myself in school right after i knew i failed 3/4 of all the cet’s i took, success cannot be measured with the university you graduated from, look at Henry Sy and Lucio Tan. wala lang tingnan nyo lang… hehe.