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good news!

good news! my handheld is now working! yay! after months of looking for an electronics repair shop that will accept my palm (which has hard-to-find spare parts), we finally found one which is just 5 minutes away from home. = i know it’ll give them (and me too) a hard time to look for tungsten parts so i just let them switch the lcd parts from my dad’s palm (which has a wrecked switch) to mine. hehe… mehn and they charged us 500! good thing a good haggler (???) was there with me… so in the end we paid 350. which is still too big considering we only have to pay for the labor… and they just made up that price because they weren’t really specializing on handhelds. grr… XP

there’s something wrong with this monitor… i can’t explain but it’s pretty sick (and scary) to see it turning into a static often. seconds ago the screen shrank into a thin line then it went black. i closed the monitor and reopened it again and i’m glad the screen is ok but it’s still acting weird.

yey. i have new slippers, (mehn, this monitor is really sick) a taller one. and that’s where my first wage was used.
LoL, i have an unofficial summer job. unofficial because…
well, you wouldn’t condsider getting paid to do your home laundry a summer job, right?
i’m enjoying it anyway.

maybe i’ll write again later, i have nothing more to say. 😀