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magnetic resonance ____?

i forgot what MRI means… maybe the I is for imaging… i’m not sure.
you may have not forgotten about my knee pain yet since i always, always mention it like it’s already part of this blog…

we went to an ortho last last week and he had me MRI-ed. it’s like an x-ray but it focuses more on the flesh surrounding the bones. and it’s freakin’ expensive… >= but anyway, that’s where you can use the power of a health care card.

impressions: intrasubstance degeneration, lateral meniscus.
minimal joint effusion

oh well, my mom and i were clueless on their findings. i don’t question their assesment but how can they tell me it’s minimal when i feel so tortured with my kneeeeeeee???????!!!???

research: so.. joint effusion means swelling inside the joint. and intrasubstance degeneration, LM means… i don’t know! i have no idea, sometimes it’s accompanied by a meniscal (i don’t know this term) tear but i guess i’m negative for that.

e ano gamot don? opera? therapy?

mehn, the moment i saw the MRI machine i think of myself as a hopeless cancer patient. LoL
during the process i felt so scared! after some while the doctor left me in the room and i hear nothing. then suddenly i heard a knocking sound. what the hell is that? i don’t remember METAL doors to sound like that when knocked on. i’m so paranoid, it’s too cold and i am not allowed to move my legs. then the knocking sound stopped. silence fell between the room and i. i frantically looked around, hoping the doctor didn’t really leave me and that he’s just there waiting, tapping his fingers on the table, making that knocking sound. but hell, i should know when a person is around me or not. i was alone there, or maybe not. then followed a loud buzzing sound.
the knocking sound sure scared me but the buzzing sound gave me the answer that it’s the machine making all those things.
when you hear the buzz, you’ll certainly feel sort of relieved because you know it’s the machine and not some imaginary scary audio source. but to me, hearing the buzz sounds like danger. i thought the machine is malfunctioning i had the desire to actually push the stop button which is within my reach and scramble my way out there and prove myself insane.

he.. wala na ko masulat. =D
lalalallalaaa…. maglalaba nanaman ako bukaaaaasss…. heheheee =D