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wow. it's friday

i didn’t notice it that much. it’s too boring that time has moved slower than usual.

this week is not the busiest but it’s the most boring (i know i already mentioned it). i’m glad we’re done with the truth in love backdrop (much to my dismay that someone thinks i’m not doing anything at all. thanks ah). in my own perspective it’s okay, not grand like the backdrops i’ve seen before. nevertheless it’s nicer and better. i can’t be too proud of it because i think (because someone else thinks) i didn’t do much. that’s why i was venting in my previous post. whatever.

yesterday i forgot to watch a very important episode of kim sam sun! mehn, i hated it. all the while, from the moment i got home i just re-read the manga ‘love mode’ and downloaded a couple of mangas as well.

right now i’m reliving the yaoi fangirl in me. i want to read mangas or doujinshis that are humorous and angsty. those that will strike a pang of hurt in my heart. heh, i’m hopeless.

mehn, sakura-crisis is down. grr…

i’ll wanna watch ‘she’s the man’ this weekend. it’d be hillarious. =D
sorry nez, can’t come today (stupid i even urged some to agree =).. enjoy.