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the devil is here

not really.
3 days to go before graduation. i just can’t wait to get over the agonizing shoes. we practiced them awhile ago and we were damn tortured. i never thought wearing them would cause so much pain.

i really really want to graduate as soon as possible. i am so tempted with breaking the deal i had with myself last year. i said no coffee until i graduated. so far i am successful, but now that march 25 is near i am being tempted to enter any coffee house in sight and take a sip of coffee. during the js turnover, my partner gave me a gift certificate from starbucks. last sunday i recieved a free drink coupon from sb too… now i’m thinking if these are signs that i should break my promise already or might as well it’s the devil’s plan for me to break it and suffer eternal damnation. i really hate it when i lose to myself.

why may you ask i’m trying to hold myself back from drinking coffee? simply because it’s bad and because i’m afraid my bones will brittle and my knee pain will not heal anymore and i can’t ride a bike and run freely and jump high and sprint. a lot of things i cannot do with a (semi) incapable right leg. that sucks big time you know. and it’s summer already…

i’m still looking for a summer job. if i don’t get any, then i’ll just devote myself to getting thinner without working my right leg too much. =-
mehn. i’m still reading ‘memoirs of a geisha’… i’m in chapter 11 already and Chiyo Sakamoto is still young. it’s getting boring but i want to finish it…

i wanna watch V for Vendetta! =D sooooonnnnnnn…..