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behind every performance is a BACKDROP

SAP recognition day today… =)
it was really hillarious! i laughed a lot! 😀 so far it’s the best SAP recognition day i’ve ever had… hehe thanks a lot to those who organized this event.

all throughout the event i was laughing and i had this very positive feeling about the whole thing but when the show ended it all disappeared…


1.) AGAIN, for a million years already not a single credit to the Visual Arts Club was said. how dare they? and to think, they displayed all the backdrops we made on the bleachers!! tsk. i think our club is cursed not to get credited forever. i was really annoyed, hate them.

2.) we have no spotlight ‘crew’ shirt!!! so unfair.

3.) the powerpoint presentation featured two of my personal (c) artworks. they didn’t ask for my permission. =
4.) i have nothing against them. it just seems like a line has been drawn between the PA and the non PA clubs.

good thing i’m leaving.
hate me now for i have said a lot.