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hate list update

you ruined my day. curse you and your goddamn self to the deepest pit of inferno.
may your head sprout in lucifer’s mouth and may you suffer the company of your three other brothers. you’re now four: brutus, cassius, judas and bruce. LoL, bagay pala…

for your information, i am so depressed with what you said. you dispensed this little ounce of hope in me that believes that i am being useful too.

i have claimed to be a frustrated artist before. now, i am NOT an artist anymore. and i need not prove it. i’ll draw when i want to, not because you want me or some group of leg-breakers ask me to.

fuck you.

of course, i cannot contain my hate to you alone because you have suffered a severe case of damnation in this blog as i have mentioned you for a million times already in my hate list.

70% of my hate goes to you but for the remaining 20 and 10…

i just can’t bear to hate you for a long time because you’re a close friend of mine, thus you recieve just a minute 20% of my hate for the moment (which is subject to wrathful thoughts and evilness). you see, i cannot oppose to your opinion if you think i’m not helping and i’m just slouching around but next time, chose a better translator, one who knows what you’re talking about and not just anyone who sits in your FRONT. i still love you as a friend but for the meantime just bear the stoic evilness in me.

you, the odds are high that you cannot read this but i just want to tell you that i hated you because you called my name (and that’s a good 10% of my hate). just that, a very shallow reason of calling out my name to be insulted by the bitch sitting BESIDE you. i didn’t even know you knew my name. you lost most of my respect (not that you need mine). tsss, and seriously… if you want to break a leg on your coming play, make sure you break both of them… and i mean literally.

you can think whatever you want. that i’m shallow and my reasons for hating people are pointless. but let me warn you that i’m only allowing you to think, not write or blab anything in my blog. this is my vent and this is exactly what i’m doing, i’m venting everything out, like a hot steam coming out from a boiling water.

this is the steam, i’m the boiling water, and you are the fire.

sobrang nakakabadtrip talaga. kala ko panaman masaya tong araw na to.. hindi pala. ayoko na magpintura, you ruined my mood. it’s funny how you seem to affect me a lot, and i’m sinking in humiliation on how i’m becoming loser just because of this.

i can’t quit though, not now when i have one wish to strike off of my wishlist. i didn’t realize i have to risk my feelings for this.

bad news: mom’s dress, which is my best pick for the grad ball, is hopeless. nobody wants to repair it because the stitches are complicated and the cloth is very fragile.we actually want to make it smaller but it’s hard.

good news: we bought a simpler dress in sm dep’t store worth 500. it’s black and white and it pretty much fits the ocassion (but not like how my mom’s dress fit perfectly).

fingers crossed: i hope nobody wears the same dress.