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luck is rare

i beg to disagree. i came through a few realizations when i was in the hotel. i was bored you know and i there isn’t much to see in cabled tv so i just went out on the veranda and looked at the night sky. i was in the ninth floor so the view is pretty amazing up there with the lights from the buildings from afar and from the yachts parked on (in?) the bay.

well, there’s this minor thing i’ve been wondering. why do we say we’re lucky if we see a four leafed clover or a rabbit’s foot? because they’re rare. so it sort of implies that luck is rare too. mehn, i don’t know but i don’t like it that way. luck (good fortune) isn’t something to be relied on rare things! how are you supposed to get lucky then? ay ewan, let’s just take it this way. you are lucky when you see a four leafed clover because it’s rare and it’s nice to find rare things but it doesn’t mean that it’ll bring you luck. you’re just lucky because you found something rare.

we brand a lot of our items as ‘lucky’ charms because something good happens when we are with them. just like my lucky mechanical pencil, it’s been with me for 4 years because i realized that everytime i draw with it, it turns out to be amazing but then a pencil is just a pencil, i can draw with any pencil (as long as it’s sharpened) just as you can run in any street or look good in any dress.

LoL, i don’t see my point.
maybe it goes like this. luck isn’t supposed to be contained in a rare item. like how you call a marker rare just because you write good using them and it doesn’t happen in most markers. er… haha.. ewan ko.

gets nyo ba?
i suck in explaining things this way, maybe you should just ask me if it’s unclear. or maybe you shouldn’t bother. anyway, i just want to vent it out.

when i’m depressed i sometimes think that’s God doesn’t know my feelings (i know i’m hell WRONG but that’s how lonely i feel). just like how i don’t know others’ well. it’s like this, when i saw the spectacular view from the ninth floor. i thought everyone was all merry and happy because there isn’t a speck of panic or a cloud of dark thick smoke to alarm me. the view from above will make you think that everything’s alright and peaceful but when you come down and mingle with them, you’ll see how chaotic it is.

does God look at it that way? heaven is a very high place, maybe he sees our country as a peaceful one because he sees only green and he doesn’t notice the trees falling one by one. from above earth seems kinda tranquil but from below, from the people’s point of view everyone’s mad in here.

i think God should let down Jesus once again so that he’ll know how bad it is down here.

i know i’m stupid, suddenly questioning God’s almighty power of knowing EVERYTHING that’s happening around us. I’m was just wondering… key word – WAS. i already know the answer. stupid i only realized now.