A very personal blog

moment of truth

i didn’t make it to UP. i went there awhile ago with my dad along with lienne and bea.
ok, first of all i felt blank and neutral. definitely i felt sad, but it lasted only for about a minute then i regained my composure and went on living.

i’m warning you. i do not need your pity. i am not depressed. it actually irritates me that someone is trying to console me when i don’t feel bad at all. i don’t need encouraging words because i already filled myself with those beforehand. that’s all. but i appreaciate your concern, it’s just that i’d rather hear it from someone who, like me, didn’t make it.

i’m quite happy, UST isn’t a bad choice (in fact i don’t have a choice). it’s only now that i learned to appreciate it.

this is my ultimate dream:

i shall grow into a very successful person in the future where people will look up to my skills and appreciate me. i wish to be interviewed in a well-known newspaper or magazine. there i’ll show them that behind my success are three rejection letters (or more). i am not smart enough for Ateneo, too laid-back for La Salle and too careless for UP but all these brought me here. it is in my failures that i defined my success.

yeah that’s my goal!
it’s fun to be optimistic.