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good luck

today is the GALS competition, at first i wanted to go but on second thought it’d be very tiring so i just preferred to stay here and wait for good news.

i feel so guilty right now, we didn’t go to church because of my parents’ client affair, why do they have to set it on a sunday? whatever.

stardard chartered credit cards (visa and mastercard) has a very very cool promo running from feb 15 – march 31, 06. NEO laptop 1 year installment for 5,833.25 / month, . pentium centrino, 40gb hard drive, lightweight (1.8 kg) blah blah…
0% interest for those who could pay monthly billings on the right due date. free ipod nano and logitech webcam. free delivery for locations inside the greater metro manila boundary. isn’t that great? all in all you have to pay 69,999.00, but for a laptop, ipod nano and webcam i think that’s quite reasonable.

mehn, i’m still trying to convince my parents onto it. it’s not bad at all!! who cares if it’s neo and is not acer, hp or compaq? i would love to have my own laptop. but dad says he’s gonna buy a 25,000 laptop, free shipping.

come on! 25k for a laptop is very suspicious it sounds like a smuggled one. you’re not even given an assessment of the features. grrr, i wish i had my own credit card.

please please… grad gift?
LoL. as if i’ve ever been in the top 20 these 4 yrs. =(