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the flying spaghetti monster

if you have doubts with your belief, enlighten yourself with pasta and meatballs and get to know the flying spaghetti monster!

we had our cl day awhile ago. we did a praise and worship session which was really fun, except that i can’t jump because my knee is still acting like a real bitch, no it’s a beeyotch. no again, i insist on calling it a bumble bitch because it’s hurting like a bee sting. not really, whatever i’ll just call anyone i hate a bumble bitch.

after recess we had this facilitating thing where we’re grouped with the other levels. what i found amusing was three of us in our group are non-catholics. hehe.

then came the event that i’ve been trying to think over and over if i can do it or not. i’m really more of a keyboardist, an inferior keyboardist, but not a guitarist, and most especially not an electric guitarist. it was my first time to actually play on an electric guitar. at first it seemed wrong, coz i’m not yet used to it but then i have to get used to it because, i don’t know. hehe.

during our last run in the podium, i felt good (but still shy). i was thinking a lot of what the hypercritics. i am not good, seriously. i just know how to play, but i’m not good.

oo na.

there is someone in our batch whom i despise a lot. i’d like to call her the batch bitch.

she scowls at a good performance, destructively criticizes everything that she won’t gain from and is a certified attention-seeker.

karma will surely get back on me for this.