A very personal blog

i need rest

this week is really exhausting. the practices, the backdrop plus the media project… and we have saturday classes. how could it get any better than that?

i’m just glad we’re done shooting for the heroism commercial. we did it awhile ago in nica’s house where some of my groupmates and other people brought kids and party needs.

heh. i want to sleep. i’m not at home, i’m in fcm, wasting my 15 bucks. after the project we (exclusing my sis) went to SMF to buy my sister’s gift. she wants a pink knapsack. and she wrote it down in detail:

dos: illustrazio, hawk gear, adidas, nike, accel…
don’ts: cose, heartstrings…

ok. that’s really demanding but whatever, it’s her birthday anyway.
can’t wait to go to college.

i’ll share a sad story to you. mannie sent it to me through text last night and i couldn’t stop crying.

there was a boy who was given a puppy as a birthday gift. time passed by and he now has a wife and a baby. the dog is still faithfully with him. one day when he left for work, his wife asked him why he left their baby alone. the husband said he left it under the dog’s care. the wife was furious. she hurriedly went back to their house to check. on the doorway she saw the dog, mouth filled with blood. she freaked out and eventually killed the dog out of anger. when she came to check her baby, she saw it sleeping peacefully in the crib, a dead snake lying beside it.

ok, now… awwwww.
=( T_T