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i'm in love!

not with a HE!
i’m inlove with the Finding Neverland soundtrack. mehn, the composer is a genius!
i also like the jack sparrow theme… very adventurous.

i have some comments with The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (book)

-some say it’s a good read, well to me it’s just OKAY. nothing great… i’m halfway already and i see no emphasis of the plot. i might not continue reading it afterall. i’m not understating it since it is a NYT bestseller, i just have a different taste for teen novels. i usually like it on the first person point of view since teen novels have a LOT of rants and raves (like this blog, i mean who would do a 3rd person pov of her blog?).

it’s really funny how i love meg cabot and paulo coelho at the same time.

wee. i borrowed the valkyries by paulo coelho.

what a bum. we have pinoi test tomorrow. i haven’t started reading yet!
we had our batch picture taking awhile ago. it’s very suffocating! it’s like there’s no more oxygen left for us… and still we managed to smile like we have an air tank supply behind.