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no room for procastination

but look at what i’m doing. great.
i’m not yet in the mood to do my homeworks, i somehow believe that being driven is part of becoming focused, and i don’t have a drive with my schoolworks… like, who has?

no room for procastination – no.1 in my new year’s resolution. i keep on delaying things… the next thing i knew i’m alreeady sprawled on my bed dreaming of ghastly scenes (because i forgot to pray)…

quit nail biting – is no.2. it’s a really nasty habit that i’ve been trying to avoid ever since i practically discovered that my nails look horrible in colored nail polish. go figure.

i keep on reminding myself that Henry Sy graduated from FEU. it sort of became a consolation thought to me who will recieve two rejection letters in the following month. if all else fails, try the failsafe.

tomorrow is the preliminary defense of our investigatory project. we met awhile ago to discuss certain matters. i was both nervous and excited… nervous that i will stutter and fidget and not finish any sensible sentence at all. excited because we’re supposed to do a sales-talk… by which we are to convince the teacher that our product is not trash and that you are making the right descision of buying it.
you see, i like sales-talking… especially when you really get to convince the consumer to buy the product.

i am still thinking if i should write an appeal to ADMU. sounds like a desperada, i know… but i haven’t passed anything yet. if UP is meant for me, they can just throw my appeal and move on… but if it is not in God’s will for me to pass my dream university, i have my fingers crossed on my appeal.

but if the western stroke of luck didn’t come my way, FEU will surely bring me the news that will make my day.

as i have been trying to embedd on my stubborn head, it doesn’t matter where you graduated from. it’s your ABILITY to survive life and make the right decisions that count.

anyway, not everything that counts can be counted.

i haven’t done my comex 13 yet. about the difficulties and joys of being young.
i mean, you could be young and free but at the same time young and stupid.
you might have unlimited actions but that also means you are prone to make unlimited mistakes too.
being young is something we look back on when we’re old. just like how we look forward to grow old and successful now that we’re young.

life can get distractingly ironic.