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on to the rough side of life

i failed twice.
i feel so depressed but i have to get over it quick before i acquire suicidal tendencies. LoL, i might even scratch myself to death with the blunt edge of my parlor hair clips. fortunately, i don’t want to die yet. not with the reason of failing an entrance exam not once, but twice (and who knows if it repeats for the third time). that is just too shallow for me to end my freakin’ life.

anyhow, who cares if i don’t pass? like inez said (or tagged), it doesn’t make me a lesser person. i know God has bigger plans for me (and my dearest karlita). we just have to wait.

for the meantime, i am consoling myself with the thoughts of going to FEU-fern and be successful like Henry Sy and Lucio Tan. They weren’t the most oustanding students in their classes but they made a very big impact in our economy today. who knows what awaits me who has failed a lot? or rather, me who has experienced a generous amount of failures? have pity on me Lord.

mom treated me to starbucks anyway so i’m sort of relieved. i told you, coffee is VERY therapeutic in my case.

it’s my fault i failed. i didn’t study well, my grades sucked and i’m not focused on my goals. i’ve learned my lesson.

meet the new arianne.
still the internet junkie that she is but is promising to be a more focused student from now on. it’s never too late for changes you know.