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it's our field trip today =(

[edited] it’s december 9, 2005 8:45 am

sad to say but i cannot join, i’m still waiting for the full recovery of my knee. let’s just hope it won’t last until our prosec fieldtrip because i don’t want to be an alien in someone else’s bus. =
well, today is a great chance to lessen my schoolworks. i still have to
:: redo some of my artworks for the exhibit
:: frame them on a cartolina
:: do the graffiti backdrop for the exhibit
:: do tons of physics self-checks
:: finish my reading report
:: gather notes for helena stollenwerk

i can’t take all those!
last dec 7 we went to nez’s belated bday party! twas fun! we watched chicken little and i ate a lot of junk! hehe… i love my friends.


i was not expecting to recieve a medal at first (no matter how minor the event was) but good Lord, i have recieved my first highschool medal.
frick, first medal in four years? that’s so lame, i know, but i’m not really into extra-curriculars. oh well, i guess the category we won was the most minor of all events: props.
anyhow, i’m thankful.
congratulations to all the winners. go psyche! no offense, but i was (or we were) kinda expecting the overall. LoL. but at least we won a lot. =D

my batchmates have gone too competitive. tsk.
i’m changing this layout soon. if time and internet load allows me, i’ll be making this page more collorful! =D