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i miss my bored life

when you’re bored, you suddenly notice things and make a big deal out of them. you laugh at them and you make lousy criticisms, then you notice you’re having fun and you finally think that being bored has pros too because it lets you see the world in a more detailed (and funny) perspective like there’s always something wrong (or right) about the things around you.

but on the other hand, when you’re bored, you’ll find yourself seated on a chair with your elbows on the table and your fingers curled under your cheeks watching everyone and everything come and go. the flight of the bumblebee, the fall of the ants, the cheer of the audience, etc…

anyone who passes by your table and looks at you will probably think you’re really bored. you’re lucky if these passersby are just mere passersby who are on their way to their game venues. unfortunately, you are not quite lucky when one of these ‘mere’ passersby identifies you as a team propsman then approaches you with rolls of foils, scissors and scotchtape. good omen isn’t it?

i’m not saying i hate my work as a propsman (well, i 70% do) but you see, i was at the height of enjoying the boredness of the moment. oh, i’m also not saying that i’m being disturbed or something but well, let’s just say i don’t like doing pompoms?

true enough.
i helped making pompoms awhile ago and mind you, it wasn’t an easy job. i could even consider myself luckier this year than three years ago when i was a freshman when we, propsmen, were asked to make pompoms for the WHOLE cheering team (that sucks).

so there, i cut the foil the WRONG way and realized it only when people are suddenly wondering why the strips are so curly and the bad thing was, i already taped it and it’s ready to twist. ~_-;
i was so frustrated with the foil because it’s too stubborn.
i have to ask someone to hold the strip-edges so that i can tape it properply.

even though it looked not the way it was supposed to be, we still found consolation with it’s cuteness. a permed pompom.

till then. =D