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have a nice doomsday

finally, the urge to study! i’ve been waiting for this feeling to come along and i must thank a certain motivation for this.

actually, inez told me we’re gonna do the spotlight backdrop tomorrow 9-4pm. that means i will have lesser time to do my homeworks so i decided to just finish some and enjoy the rest of the busy days to come.

oh well, i still don’t know what mythological story to use for my reading report. a lot of people will be using pygmaleon and galatea and cupid and psyche. as for me, i’m still working my views on orpheus and eurydice which will be quite easy except for the ‘favorite character’ part. i mean, i neither liked any of them. orpheus may be one great musician but he lacks trust (who would trust hades anyway?). eurydice is just your average wretched (and dead) damsel. hades is still hades surrounded by corpses. persephone didn’t really have a qualifying act in the story (although she did help a lot but.. whatever). who’s left?

maybe i should just put zeus as my favorite character for making all things happen and for not meddling in. it was a traggic ending and mind you, i cried even when i just watched it through a filmstrip. it was all good and hurtful =(.

someone made me smile yesterday. my childhood bestfriend, mannie. =) finally, after months of being out of touch she contacted me through friendster. goodness, i miss those years.

mehn. i thought after a week of NO FROG PRINCE, i’ll get over the hook but no. i watched it awhile ago and i’m back to tango mania. tango is still hot as ever, charlene is still cool. the kind of lead character you’ll never hate for stupidness and idiocy. haaay.

i want to live in my OWN world. if there is such a place.
my own world would probably be just one place.
one day adri and i talked about living in such. it was fun imagining things like that… although highly impossible.
you see, everything i need is in the mall. if only i can afford to.

speaking of malls. i haven’t made my christmas shopping yet. argghh… no $$$$$!

oh well, have a nice doomsday.