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101 wishes

prosec awhile ago was great! it was totally inspiring hearing success stories from mrs. zeta. right now i’m still working on my wishlist and let’s see what’ll happen. maybe i just have to ask God a little more and remind him that the number one on my wishlist is to have a bike and to learn to ride on one as well. =)

oh well, mrs. zeta is so true about, ‘who knows later you’ll be striking off one item from your wishlist?’
i got a bar of toblerone from larz! what joy!!! hehe… oh and you know what, i din’t do anything productive last night. i was supposed to do a research on odysseus’ journey, do the comex, the acctg. homework, the club stuff and a lot more things… but i just did it this day and i felt so pressured but thank God, i passed the english test! i mean, i should pass it anyway! i even begged mrs. leyco to lend me the odyssey book in library because we weren’t allowed to borrow books anymore. after a minute of sermon and consequence details (like i have to pay for the fine even during the sembreak if i failed to return it before they close for the year) i finally got it. cool.

i’m excited to be back in business. ate alyn is just too busy to attend to my avon stuff so i just asked ate theresa to register herself so that i can start selling soon. this season really calls for additional money sources. the vat, the demands and supplies… it’s all affecting our lifestyle. i can’t enjoy eating in yoshinoya anymore because i can feel the weight of the tekamaki rice bowl bulging from my wallet. what ill-fated destiny… our country is not anymore the great country i used to imagine.
such fate…

such misery. oh despair… leave us alone. better yet, give us a more powerful ruler.

i hate talking about politics. =(