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bad habits

so far, i only have to two major bad habits: nail biting and sleeping during church services. i have pretty much suffered the consequences of nail biting. duh, short nails. it’s like i can’t stretch them out proud when doing the panunumpa. i too have gone through a lot of promises that i will let it grow but hell, as time passes by it’s gradually turning into a nasty hobby. eew my god, LoL.

next in line is my frequent sleeping during church services. uhm, i’m not kind of worried about this because i’m barely noticeable in a multitude of 1,000. i’m actually planning to wear eyeglasses everytime i sleep because it’s not obvious that my eyes are closed. i learned that from mom.

this one had caused me some embrassing moments too. i was sleeping one time and my head is leaning sidewards so i woke up. finally after a minute, i dozed off to sleep again and due to my heavy sleepiness my head didn’t just leaned sidewards but also backwards! the people at my back were probably containing their laughter. XP
another funny consequence just happened yesterday. i was so contained in my sleep that i had a dream. it was very short, i just saw hannah and laura greeting me ‘hello’, and they both waved to me. guess what i was supposed to do?
unfortunately during that time our pastor was announcing the altar call… “if you think you have been out of touch with our Lord God right now and you hear him calling you to come back, just raise your hand and we will pray for you” the pastor says. normally only a few people raise their hands… probably 5 or less depending on how well the homily affected them.

LoL, just when the pastor finished asking for hand raisers, i woke up thinking what could have happened if i raised my hand in my sleep and the pastor noticed me, eyes closed waving to him like some close friend. gosh. i laughed after the thought.

enough about me. you see, i’m not the only one who sleeps, my mom sleeps too. my dad even… and my sister too.
ok. so we all sleep, but not at the same time. LoL
i have another story: (not mine)

there’s this couple in our church and they’re just new. as usual we welcomed them and the ushers gave them souvenir bookmarks. it was also the week of the holy cummunion so we were given the usual bread cube and grape juice (like 20 ml? LoL). we do it this way: the ushers pass around the tray with the little grape juice cups then we get our part then pass it on… like that.

when this couple got theirs, they immediately ate bread and drank the grape juice. they didn’t know that we we’re supposed to wait for the full distribution of the food, pray for it then eat.

they only noticed their mistake when they saw us all… at the same time, partate with the bread and drank the juice (ala wine). probably at that time they just kept silent, praying “we give you thanks for the food that we recieved… amen.”