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i was totally useless awhile ago! bat ba ko nag-crew? well.. crews are actually people who cue you when you enter the stage for a performance but seeing that they actually know when they’re going to enter, i don’t think they still need crews. handing down props? what props? shades, hats, canes? they know all those… and it makes me feel soo stupid, so out of place… pasikip sa backstage. for keeping the backstage quiet? think about it.. even if they talk out loud, the audience will still be noiser than they are. pulling people off the floor lines? a very minor thing to do, wouldn’t even think about joining the crew just to pull them off from that line… grr…

walang kwenta.

i actually joined the crew because of barbie almalbis. duh. i wish i could get her autograph though. sayang naman tong pinagdaanan ko. 🙂

kainis talaga. i felt so little awhile ago, so epal! spare me the shame naman… kahit i.d. lang ng crew ok na… ayoko kasi ng tinatanong na, “ano ginagawa nyo dito?” tapos sasagot ako ng, “uuh… crew. (nanliit, feeling walang kwenta)” you see, i don’t really think they need crews. but i also don’t want to give up the position… for barbie.

such a fan. dammit.

maybe i wouldn’t be of any help when they’re already on stage performing but i guess we still did our part on the backdrop.
ano ba pwede gawin para magmukha naman akong hindi katanga-tanga?