A very personal blog

yay! friday nanaman!

at last. i’m tired of walking around the highschool building corridors. not only it aggravates my knee pain but also because i don’t like bumping into people for the fear that they might hit my knee and… you know. i’m becoming so paranoid, i’m getting cramps often because my knee is very very fragile. my actions are so limited. -_-;;

i always wrap a bandage on to it whenever we start the intrams practice (specifically my being a propsman) but i still have to remove it every now and then because it itches. haha.. kainis.

yehey! uuwi na terai! i mean, she comes home every week so what’s the big deal? ewan, miss ko na kapatid ko eh. =)

i finished reading the alchemist awhile ago. it was very nice. some would say it’s boring but for me it’s not. it has a lot of sense (very paulo coelho-ish) and shares a lot of wisdom too. i especially liked the ending because it’s full of irony and i laughed at it.
i shared it to dad and when i mentioned the king of salem… he reacted in an instant
“alam mo ba kung sino yon? si King Melchizedek yun na nag bless kay Abraham. he was God in disguise”
what an omen. i realised it was really God guiding the boy all along. it has bits of biblical references but it’s still fiction. i wonder if it’s real.

awhile ago too i borrowed another book, Horse Whisperer. it’s a little hard to read because of the spacing but it’s a New York Times Bestseller so i decided to try it. it has garnered a lot of bestseller awards too so i’m more interested… plus it has horses!

our president loves long-weekends.
no classes on monday! haaay 😀