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cheer not

i will not cheer anymore!

in the first place, and honestly speaking, most of us take cheering as a last resort. you know what i mean, as for me… i don’t really have a choice. i’m not good in ball games, board games etc.. and i don’t think i’m worthy of a cheerer too.
anyway, i have to leave because of my injury. haha, i hate it when i look so seriously injured.
awhile ago while junjun and kring takes me to the clinic, it looks like i got my knee strain from a ball game but no! -_-;; hehe

i miss running, i BADLY need to run. it’s like ages since i last ran because of this stupid incapable knee. aside from running, i’m getting more and more frustrated with learning how to ride on a bike. it feels like it’s not meant for me. it was near my birthday when i suddenly became limp and my birthday gift was supposed to be a bike but hell, what a bad omen!

all i can do now is type and for the meantime i think that’s the only thing i’m good at (and a lot of people are still better than me). but what’ll change when my knee gets healed? sure, i can run at last! but that won’t make me the fastest runner either. but at least i was healed and that’s a good enough gift for me to stop bragging about what-nots.

dear God,

please heal me as soon as possible and don’t make it any later than december 9. it’s not nice to venture in rocks and caves with a bandaged knee you know (field trip). but if it is really in your will to not let me join the fieldtrip, then you’d better give me a sign or something. i want to have fun, as much as how you’d love seeing me happy. so please Lord, that’s the only thing i ask of you, heal me now. =) Amen.

PS: thank you in advance.