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nocturnal mating

a first year student once told me that cats mate during the night and we people hear them like they’re fighting. i think that’s exactly what i’m hearing right now, i don’t know what is it in cats, why do they have to make it sound like that? it’s disturbing and it doesn’t sound like they’re enjoying their blissful moment. anyway, that was just in case you’re wondering why you haven’t seen cats fuck in the daylight.

my contractible header doesn’t work in firefox versions greater than 1. that’s why i have to return it to it’s previous state. at least that’s the only thing that doesn’t work plus the 5px difference of alignment…

i tried validating the codes and i went on as much as 174 errors but of course i won’t let that happen, so far the lowest i got is 32 errors which was from the code with contractible headers… but now that i already changed it… I DON’T WANT TO BOTHER MYSELF ANYMORE!

it’s 10:30! i forgot to bring my physics book so that means i can’t do my homework (i can always use the internet but i’m too lazy to do so). i wish there’d be no intrams practice tomorrow because i swear, my knee won’t heal.

i haven’t seen pansy parkinson on screen yet! tsk, i was expecting to see her, oh good vibes. draco has only 3 scenes — if my memory serves me right: 1.) with his dad, wearing a black suit 2.) ferret scene 3.) and the stupidly short yuleball scene where she lifts up an unidentified girl (who knows if it’s pansy?). did i forget something?

mehn,i want to learn how to ride on a bike (it’s a shame that i didn’t go through the childhood stage of learning how to ride on a mini bike with your dad) but how else could i do that with an incapable leg? come on leg, heal!

tomorrow is a brand new week! i’m not even looking forward to it’s brand-newness coz it will be just another typical schoolweek full of workloads and unexpected loatheful surprises. but i’m quite happy with it because there will always be people who will give you your daily dose of laughter.

enjoy your week.