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the laced dress robe

we watched harry potter 4 yesterday! yay! oh well, i won’t be adding my compliments that much but i can say it’s the most humorous of all the installments.

i don’t hate katie leung anymore. awhile ago while hearing the sermon i realized one thing why they can’t make heart evangilista cho chang. she might stand out too much, i mean she might look prettier than clemence poesy and that’s not how it’s supposed to be! haha.

right now i don’t see any positive progress with my muscoBLAHskeletal strain. it still hurts but not too much anymore, the pain reliever paid off. i want it to heal right away! 🙁

mehn, school sucks:
the more we study, the more we know, the more we know, the more we forget, the more we forget, the lesser we know… so why study?
-quoted from a certain layout