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tired of this

i’m changing this layout soon.

i watched My Sassy Girl last night (thanks k.a.!) and cried a lot. it’s a very cute movie, i’m just glad our dvd player (in the pc) is working now.

i borrowed The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho yesterday, i might use it for my reading report but i’m not sure yet, i’m just picking out the good books from the fiction section of our library… and i can’t find the HP series there!!

i wish i could watch Harry Potter today but i’m afraid we’re not going to push through… 🙁

sometimes i still get confused with the fics, the books and the movies. they’re becoming too baffling. i’ve read a lot of hp fics (HPDM to be exact), cried a lot too, cursed, laughed and choked at times and those particular scenes are still stuck in my head like they’re merging with the real idea of HP, the dark SLASH-LESS world of Hogwarts with the infamous git Draco and the unworthy lead character Harry ready to *eherm* entertain you.

michi’s right, harry’s fic personality can be described in one word: bastard.
hmm… why can’t i make my own conclusions like that? i’m not being observant.
oh! i have one, by looking at katie leung (the not-even-pretty cho chang in movie4) and comparing it to genevieve gaunt (the very-pretty slytherin partner of draco malfoy)… i therefore conclude that Harry Potter and the one who casted Katie Leung have a very very BAD taste… oh scratch that… they have the WORST taste ever!!

yay! i checked Phlippine Blog Awards awhile ago and saw the list of semi-finalists. the 667 blog entries were narrowed down to 115 and i’m proud to be one of them! 😀 i was listed under the Best Blog Site of Year…
let’s just hope i stand a chance. =D

i want to watch harry potter now!