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a painful yet happy birthday to me!

revised! XD

crap! look at my poor knee, it has an uneven gray rectangle mark from the salonpas i removed awhile ago and now i stick another one!
there there… next i gently and tightly wrap the bandage around then seal it with that metal thing and presto, what a limp.

happy birthday.

it is nice to celebrate your birthday on a very very fine health condition, without any freshly cut wound or aching bruise, without a brainsplitting headache or an agonizing heartburn, without a tuanting 6 months left to live warning or a shocking heart attack and DEFINITELY without a muscoBLAHskeletal strain on the right knee.

happy birthday.

monday this week i was rushed (if that’s how you would describe me limping my way through the field) to the clinic since my knee pain suddenly became unbearable due to the cheering practice. thank you kring for being with me all the way! 😀
after the clinic incident my mom fetched me and took me to the hospital. i was expecting FEU or Fairview Gen. or Malvar Hospital but Capitol?
there, so she took me to the ER and that was the first time i had a wheelchair ride.
it is, seriously, fun learning how to ride on a wheelchair, to know the functions of those several levers on your left and right and to basically know how to navigate yourself around the hospital without someone pushing you.

happy birthday.

i was absent yesterday because i have to rest. i came back today, on my birthday, for the CRT because i know it’s a great time to do nothing tiring but still learn values and all. even with this pain, i still felt happy because of my friends! thank you! i appreciate the jumbo card though at first i was, “ha?” with the cover. hehe…
thanks karlita for the CD! i love it! red + hello kitty + barbie almalbis = JOY!


let’s not talk about harry potter! he’s being a scene stealer!!