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meteor shower

the camping was super fun!
i was half-expecting us to get all bitchy with the grass and the insects but no.
oh well, the activities were fun, especially the ‘arrange yourself in this manner’ thing. =)
during the night i didn’t sleep inside our tent, instead i slept outside on my humid banig and set myself to comfort under the giant blanket of stars.
before i slept jami, laura and i shared on my banig to watch and catch a falling star! we talked about a lot of stuff… =)

i spotted 3! wished 3 times and… oh well, i really hope it’s true. it’s my first time to catch a falling star…. they say there’s a meteor shower that’s why there are a lot of stars falling (oh, so they’re not really stars… =)…

uhm, before we went to stargaze we played cards first! haha, that was the noisest game i’ve ever had so far (with cards).

i enjoyed everything we did! roasting marshmallows, making our very own campmade s’mores, starting up a fire, grilling the chicken bbq, doing a bamboo band while singing ‘another one bites the dust’ with backmasked lyrics, chasing grasshoppers, looking at the stars… everything from setting up the tent to shaking off the grass from our things… =)

it was a night to remember.

i realized that i really love my batch. why do people come up with bonding activities only when we’re soon going to leave? during my freshmen year, i always loathed our batch, what more on the second year when our class is filled with bitches and freaks. i felt a little relieved when 3rd yr came… it was less agonizing on the mingling stage…

but 4th year is different. i love my class.
simply because no one on my hatelist appreared in pamayanan. haha…
they gave us our batch shirt already! yay! ours was.. cool! well, it’s actually fine, minus the school logo and the type of cloth used…. =
again again..
harry potter opens on november 16!!
i know the cinemas will be FULL!!
see you there!